We’re Back!

We apologize for our absence. We were marooned—lost in the rough waters of academia.

The good news—aside from our return to Rum Punch—is we’ve made some changes.

So, write this down because it’s important!

We will continue to publish via rolling submissions. If your fiction, flash fiction, micro fiction, and creative nonfiction is right for us, we will publish it on the site.

Drum roll, please….

We are also excited to accept submissions for our first special issue: Castaway. We are looking for unexpected and inventive perspectives on this theme, stories set anywhere from the depths of the Mariana Trench to the most remote outposts of the human soul. Nothing with a volleyball, please.

For consideration in our first special issue, which will be published in October, please include the phrase “Castaway” in the headline. The deadline to submit is Friday, September 18. The issue is set to come out Thursday, October 15.

Click here for our submission guidelines and other important details.