Gut Feeling

He had a bad feeling but went anyway. They exchanged pleasantries. He accepted a beer, and
they all sat at the kitchen table. Maybe he was worried for nothing. Stop being so paranoid, he
told himself. So they’re not good people, but he was working with them. Helping them. He was
valuable. Relax, he reassured himself. When they told him to check out the new sports car in the
garage, he followed them out. He saw the car and stepped into the garage. He heard the door shut
behind him. Then he saw the walls and floor were entirely covered in plastic.


Allison Futterman is a freelance writer who has been published in print and online. She’s written for CharlotteThe Writer and Winston-Salem Monthly magazines, among others. Her magazine work includes human interest, profile, food and travel pieces, while her creative writing focuses on essay, poetry and flash fiction. Click here to check out her website.