About Us

Rum Punch Press is an online journal featuring high-quality, original fiction and nonfiction from writers who, like us, enjoy a little pop in their culture. It is our belief that quality defies genre, and while we definitely lean toward literary material, our minds are open to anything with a special punch that grabs our attention and won’t let us go. We’ve sailed through many ports of the literary world and seen wondrous things—sea monsters and pirates and sirens among them– and are happy to drop anchor on an isle of our own. We like water salty, drinks frozen, and writing that transports us. Whether you’re a fellow writer or simply someone who loves a compelling tale, well told, we hope that you’ll join us for a literary adventure. Cheers!


  • Courtney Watson is an English professor and writer who resides in Roanoke, Virginia, far from her native sub-tropical climate. When not daydreaming about salt air and sandy beaches, she writes fiction, non-fiction, and literary criticism that has appeared in The Virginia Quarterly Review100 Word StoryThe Key West CitizenStudies in Popular Culture, and more. Find Courtney on Twitter @mydearwatson12.
  • Gloria Panzera is a writer and English teacher who resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband. When she isn’t whipping something up in the kitchen or missing her small beach town, she writes non-fiction and fiction. Her work has appeared in Crack the Spine, Gravel, One Forty FictionThe Inquisitive Eater, and more. Find Gloria on Twitter @gloriapanzera or reach out via her website gloriapanzera.com.

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