Exit Strategy

exit-498428_1280Justine met Corbin in between innings at a Padres game. The next night, when they went out for drinks, she warned him that she wasn’t into serious relationships. He could text her if he wanted, she said, but he should never call—or ask about her ex-boyfriends. Corbin seemed to understand her rules implicitly, almost as if he’d written them himself. Three weeks later, Justine prepared to implement her exit strategy: get busier at work, stop returning texts, let the relationship fade away. But Corbin had an exit strategy of his own, a simpler one. He said good-bye.


LORI CRAMER’S short fiction has appeared in Boston Literary Magazine, FewerThan500.com, Ink In Thirds, Postcard Shorts, Pudding Magazine,  A Quiet Courage, Seven by Twenty, Unbroken Journal, and the 11th Annual Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Competition Collection. Follow Lori on Twitter: @LCramer29.