Younger and More Capable Men by Don Foster

Marks of a Mother by Eli Cranor

A Walk on the Moon by Leonard Henry Scott

Rains by Elaine Morrin

Coda by Jack Somers

Lost and Found by Ana Prundaru 

Aleppo’s Lament by Justin Fenech (Pushcart Prize Nominee 2017)

Monads and Windows by James McAdams

Natural Selection by Laura Knapp (Pushcart Prize Nominee 2016)

A Lesson in Theoretical Physics by Nick Gregorio

In the Land in Between by Jacob Schroeder (Pushcart Prize Nominee 2016)

Split Tickets by Fae Dremock (Pushcart Prize Nominee 2016)

Bruiser by Steve Passey (Pushcart Prize Nominee 2016)

Brainfreeze by Liza Nash Taylor 

No Tengo a Nadie by Sean Murphy (Pushcart Nominee 2015)

What Remains by Ciahnan Darrell (Pushcart Nominee 2015)

Soon to be a Major Motion Picture by Alan Swyer

A Sweet Taste Under the Skin by William Auten

The Tyke-Trekker by Kent Quaney

The Addict by Emily Rems (Pushcart Nominee 2015)

Escape Artistry by Josh Strnad

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