Medicine by Ricardo Zegri

Trapeze Girls by Julie Lynn Offen 

Garden Decoration by Joy Grace Chen

Oysters by Jim Breslin (Pushcart Prize Nominee 2017)

Floating Through Icebergs by Nellie Hildebrant (Pushcart Prize Nominee 2017)

My Roommate, Ophelia by Mary-Bryant Charles (Pushcart Prize Nominee 2017)

Fractured Weather/Functioning Bones by Angel Ackerman (Pushcart Prize Nominee 2017)

Smoking by Zsofia McMullin (Pushcart Prize Nominee 2017)

Exploded by Will McMillan

The Reconstruction of Spinosaurus by Ashely Adams (Pushcart Prize Nominee 2016)

Sound Collecting by Lucas Dean Fiser (Pushcart Prize Nominee 2016)

Getting Out by Egypt Kosloski

Two Meetings by Laura Marostica

Coffee by Nimbi

Final Sale by Roberto Loiederman

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