Regular submissions are currently CLOSED. We will reopen in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for your patience.

We are, however, OPEN and looking for Flash Fiction and Nonfiction for our upcoming special Cocktail Hour Issue. See below for details on our upcoming special issue.

Please keep checking the website for new publications and updates.

It has punch. Rum Punch.

Rum Punch Press is the brainchild of two lovers of literature who are truly excited to find quality writing that we love and share it with the world. From the sandy shores of our very own sunny land of letters, we eagerly await writerly dispatches from parts unknown. So thrill us, chill us, beguile us, make us beg for more. If we need a drink when it’s all over, even better.

Rum Punch Press takes rolling submissions. We accept fiction and nonfiction that is thoughtful, brave, and polished. We are looking for something with a punch (pun intended). Currently, regular submissions are open.

Please submit one piece at a time. Also, please wait 6 months before submitting new work to us again. 

Listed below are submission guidelines for Fiction and Nonfiction.

Regardless of submission type, please make sure your name does not appear on your attachment—just the title, please. Your query letter should be in the body of the email and include a brief bio. Also, please include your twitter handle, so we can follow you and promote your writing, as well as links to your facebook page. Don’t forget to like our page!

One submission per email.

Do not include a fiction, flash fiction and non-fiction submission in the same email.

FICTION: Short stories (no longer than 5000 words) and flash fiction (less than, let’s say, 750 words). Regardless of length, we are looking for quality—be it genre or literary or teetering on both.

Please enter “Fiction Submission” in the subject of the email. Send your fiction submission to:

submit at rumpunchpress dot com

MICRO FICTION: We are looking for twitter length (140 characters) pieces, as well.

Please enter “Micro Fiction Submission” in the subject of the email. Send your flash fiction submission to:

submit at rumpunchpress dot com

NONFICTION: We will publish personal essays as well as creative nonfiction (no longer than 5000 words). We are also looking for flash nonfiction (again, under 700 words).

Please enter “Nonfiction Submission” in the subject of the email. Send your nonfiction submission to:

submit at rumpunchpress dot com

SIMULTANEOUS SUBMISSIONS: Sure, we take them, with the understanding that you’ll let us know upon submission and be kind enough to immediately withdraw it if it’s been accepted elsewhere.

SPECIAL ISSUES: The Cocktail Hour Issue.

Who needs a drink? We sure do. Since we enjoy cocktailing (it’s a verb now, you’re welcome), we are looking for flash fiction and nonfiction–no more than 750 words–that’s shaken not stirred, delivers a punch, and goes down feeling warm. It’s cocktail hour. Submit by Feb. 28. for our Cocktail Hour issue

Please include “Cocktail Hour” in the email subject with your submission. Example: “Cocktail Hour Flash Fiction” 

PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED WORK: is not accepted at this time.

QUERIES: Please give us about 3 months before querying.


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